Wednesday, November 5, 2008

People are rude

Why are people so inconsiderate? I had to meet a guy over on Rte 9 where our Jeep is out for sale at 11:30. So I get there early..the nice thing to do right? Me, with the yelling 1 year old in the back seat who is hungry because lunchtime is at noon. I let Colton out and he wanders a bit in the yard, playing with leaves and dirt. It's now 11:45 and I decide I am not staying here, wasting my time for some idiot. I leave a nice little note saying I'm going to Millo's (2 seconds literally away) and my cell number. No call. I get home after picking up my Rock Op Coop order at Virginia's ( and call the idiot's cell. No answer...I leave a nice message. It is now 2 hours later and nothing.....argh..people please.

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