Saturday, June 12, 2010


So I just reread my entire blog (not that it was particularly long) and I realized something, I enjoy looking back and having this.  Thus  should keep up with it more..somehow.

In other news, Radford is now 3.5 months old! Colton is 2 and 8 months already, scary.  Rad is already showing interest in what we are eating, it's hilarious but scary!  I am waiting until 6 months with him to start solids.  Colton had the milk allergy and he started the dreaded rice cereal at 4 months. I didn't continue it though.  Here's hoping Rad is clear of allergies. He has awesome skin, unlike Colton at this age. 

What else...hmm. We're waiting on a short sale approval for a house we want in Strafford.  It will be so worth the wait if it happens! Maybe next week we'll hear back?  Who knows. Those banks take their time!

I think that's about it...oh yea, Eric is getting his high school diploma on the 22nd finally! Only 9 years later, whatever right? 

Okay, So I will try to stay on top of this more often.  I don't even know if anyone reads it.  And here's a pic Colton took of Rad. Gotta love digital.

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